Guide to Play Sportsbook Betting Online Sbobet

Guide Sportsbook HDP / O.U / O.E

Guide Sportsbook HDP  O.U  O.E

The Home is the host team and is usually upstairs, while external visitors are not there and the position is down.

  • Note:
    FT: Full time, match bets until the end of the game (2×45) or (2×40).
  • HT: Part time, the pair bets are only valid for the first half (1×45) or (1×40).
  • The time shown on live bets is GMT + 8, so to know WIB, minus 1 hour.


0-0 = Nobody is interested
0-0,5 = ngeFur ¼
0.5 = ½ = ngeFur ½
0.5-1 = gain
1.0 = gain 1
Etc …

The clubs, which are accompanied by RED color, indicate that the club gave vur, and vice versa, the club is accompanied by the color BLUE, a club that accepts vur.

KEI Mean:

1.070 BLACK means that if IF wins, my boss earns 7% of his winnings. (Bosses only multiply their number of partners with kei, for example, put 1000 in the first part 1,070, 1000 × 1,070 = 1070 do not forget to pay attention to Vur rule, black only works when your partner wins, when lose, 1000 pairs lose 1000) if -1,170 RED means that if you lose, my boss must lose 17% of the bet.



For the Plus / Minus betting column that is next to the HDP (handicap) column, in the O / U column, there are numbers 2-2.5, which means that if one bet more, the match gives 3 goals or more, Then the boss Declares himself winner and vice versa, the boss was declared defeated.

In the case of placing feathers below 2-2.5, the boss declares himself winner if the total goal of the match is 1, if the total goal is 2, the boss declares half of the winner and if he exceeds 2 goals, the boss Declares himself defeated.

ODD / EVEN (O / E)

This type of bet only chooses odd or even the number of goals scored in the match. For the calculation of species, HDP is the same.

The type of bet 1 X 2 is to guess victory, draw or lose, where:

1: The home team wins the match.
X: The match ends in a draw.
2: The visitors win the match.

Example (from the image above):

* If my boss wants to guess Fagiano Okayama while the local team wins the match, then my boss just needs to click on the odds of 1.98, which is lower than number 1.

* If my boss wants to guess that this match will be a draw, he can click on the 3.50 odds below the letter X.

* If my boss wants to guess that the local team Tokushima Vortis won the match, my boss can click on 3.45, which is below number 2.


There are 5 results in Mix Parlay:
(1) W = Win (the opportunity is calculated in its entirety)
(2) WH = Get half (possibility (-1: 2) + 1)
(3) D = Draw (the opportunity becomes 1)
(4) LH = Half Lost (odds of 0.5)
(5) L = lose (the opportunity becomes 0)

In Mix Parlay, my boss can play 1×2, HDP, O / U, O / E, Full Time and First Round. Only with a small capital (minimum 5,000), the bosses can produce millions, tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of rupees.

Parlay Mix is ​​a combination of several matches that turn into Parlay tickets with a nominal fee. In Mix Parlay, you can choose at least 2 to 15 matches that can be converted into 1 Parlay ticket depending on the selected sportsbook.

To learn how to play 1 X 2, click here and here for HDP – O / U – O / E.


Double Chance is basically a type of modified 1 x 2 bet, so the chance of winning a match is slightly higher than the usual 1 x 2 bet.

This is the game of choice, whether we choose 1 host, 2 invited teams or if we predict that the game ends in a draw.

Playing Double Chance is basically the same, but in this bet, the boss has the option of choosing two of the three options above. The options are:
> The host (House) wins or the match ends in a draw.
> The host team (local) or the invited team (guest team) wins.
> The invited team wins or the match ends in a draw.
With options like this, of course, my boss’s winning ratio will increase and my boss will have a great chance of winning the bet. Now, how do you play this double odds bet?

As usual, go to, after reaching the main window, you will see a screen like this and an example of the match that will start today, between Fagiano Okayama and Tokushima Vortis, now for the Dual Opportunities shown below:

In the red box that we mark above is a bet for this type of double opportunity, the information is as follows:
1 X = My boss wins if one of the final results

In the red box we marked above is the bet for this type of double possibility, the information is as follows:
1 X = My boss wins if one of the final results of the match is at home (win) or if the match ends in a draw, if the visiting team wins, then my boss loses.
1 2 = My boss wins if one of the final results of the match is the host (local) wins or the visiting team wins, if the match ends in a draw, then my boss loses.
X 2 = My boss wins if one of the final results of a match is a visiting team or both draws, if the match ends with the victory of the home team, the boss loses.

NB: if a match takes place in a neutral place, the team named on the right is considered first as the home team and the second team is the visiting team.

The bets are also quite simple, almost identical to the bets: other bets, Handicap, Over Under, Odd Even or 1 x 2.

You can bet on a double possibility by pressing the number of points obtained next, according to the Bossku champion team. Here are some examples of previous matches:
> If my boss wants to bet on Okayama Fagiano and win raffles, simply click on 1.62 under 1X.
> If my boss wants to bet and thinks that this game is a team that will win, then the boss’s choice is 1 2 and my boss only has to click on 1.33 below.
> If my boss wants to bet and believes that the visitors are winning or the game will be played, simply click on 1.33 below 2.
After my boss clicks, there will be a betting slip that must be completed as usual. This is our brief guide to bet with double possibility. In fact, the value of the winnings of this bet is generally not important, but it is not bad for a simple snack and has a high profit ratio.

Correct score

This type of game consists of determining the final results of both teams.
Selecting 1: 0 means that the final score must also be 1: 0
Choosing 1: 3 means that the final score must also be 1: 3

If my boss wants to establish a score where the score is not in the live bet, then he can click on the odds in AOS (Any other score), for example, my boss wants to score 7: 3, but not in the score. livebet, so my boss can click or choose AOS (Any other score).